[Start Here] Information and Application Instructions

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[Start Here] Information and Application Instructions

Post  Lyndiana on Wed Jun 22, 2011 6:35 pm

About Bucklers of Swash

Buckers of Swash is a group of dedicated World of Warcraft players who enjoy progressing through the different types and stages of content that Blizzard has given us. We have a diverse set of interests, but most importantly, we like to have fun. We focus on raiding and other PvE aspects of the game, but we’re not elitist about it, and we do not forget to pick up our [Sense of Humor] at the reagent vendor.

Why an application?

We get a lot of people asking "Why do you have an application? Is your guild that serious?" Well, yes. We are serious about enjoying the game and the people we play it with. Our application doesn't ask about gear, skill, or game experience. What we want to know about is the person behind the character. We want to know if you will be a good fit with the community within our guild. Some people say our application is silly and doesn't ask any "important" questions. The questions we ask have been refined over the course of several years, and is exactly what we've found helps us weed out people who would detract from our guild while attracting more of the people who find Bucklers to be a great place to enjoy the game and the company.

Life in Bucklers

Bucklers of Swash is a light-hearted group of people. The members of our guild are diverse, coming from many places and backgrounds. In-game, we enjoy joking around, chatting in Vent, and working together toward common goals. We are primarily an end-game guild, so while we do accept characters of every level, we are not a leveling guild and do not support leveling as a primary activity, since our efforts are focused on level 85 content. Some things that we do not enjoy are players who exhibit offensive or rude behavior (inside or outside of the guild), use excessive profane language, beg or take excessively from the guild or its members, or steal (ninja!) anything, anywhere, anytime, for any reason. We expect the members of Bucklers to behave toward all other players in a manner that reflects well on the guild title underneath their character's name.

Other Information
Bucklers of Swash was created during Vanilla WoW and has been going ever since. We have a well-established guild leadership, structure, and guild atmosphere. We try to maintain a mostly mature and respectful environment in which all members will feel comfortable. When joining Bucklers of Swash, please respect these facts as you integrate into the guild. We are all here to enjoy this game and the people we play with, and activities or behavior that detract from that are not tolerated.

This is a very basic overview of Bucklers of Swash, its structure, and the expectations we have of our members and which the members should have of the guild. As the use of this site is temporary, if you have any other questions about what to expect as a member of Bucklers of Swash, please talk to Lyndiana in-game, or any other officer if Lyndiana is unavailable. There is a list on the portal page for your convenience.

You do not need to register on this site in order to apply. Just follow the links provided in each post.

Thank you for your interest in Bucklers of Swash, and once your application is complete we will be contacting you as soon as possible.


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