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Post  Lyndiana on Mon May 07, 2012 3:33 pm

Your adventures have netted you bags full of loot and sundry items of varying value.
Some of these things are desired by vendors. Others can be put to better use, and
Bucklers of Swash is looking to buy it from you!

We want to put gold back in the hands of our own players as much as possible.
So if you’ve got things to sell, look no further! Save yourself the Auction House fees
and posting time, help your guildies, and pad your digital wallet, all at the same time!

Below is a list of all the things we’d like to buy from our members and the price we’ll pay you for it.
(Prices are per item, not per stack. A listed buying price of 2g means you’ll be paid 40g per stack of 20.)
Keep in mind that these are not the same as whatever the current AH price is, but many are close.
In some cases, the price listed here indicates only the supply & demand needs within the guild and
has no correlation to the AH prices at all.

You can CoD any of these items to Lyndiana at the prices listed, or mail whatever you have
and she will calculate your payment and return it to you.


Cata-level herbs: Any Cata herb - 1g ea (20g/stack)

Cloth: Embersilk Cloth – 2g (40g/stack));
Frostweave, Netherweave, Runecloth – 5g/stack.
(Cloth below Cata level gets converted into bags, which are placed in the guild bank and
are free to guild members whenever available.)

Blackened Dragonscales: 5g/scale, 100g/stack.

Savage Leather: 3g (60g/stack); Heavy Savage 300g/stack.

Meat/Fish: Highland Guppy, Lavascale Catfish, Fathom Eel, Deepsea Sagefish,
Blackbelly Mudfish, Crocolisk Tail (5g)
*If you have any specific buff foods you would like to have made for you personally,
send Lyndiana the meat/fish for it and she will cook it up for you (for free, of course).

Volatiles: Not needed at this time. Any volatiles you would like to sell to the bank anyways
will be: Air (5g), Water (2g), Life (1g), Fire (1g), Earth (25s)
**If you are an Alchemist and are interested in using your transmute cooldowns for Bucklers,
please speak with Lyndiana for information about our transmuting incentive plan.

Obsidium, Elementium, and Pyrium Ores: Not needed at this time.


Things that are FREE to guild members and how to get them:

Crafting services: Our guild members have every profession at max level and many long-time players have many of the rare patterns from multiple expansions. If you would like anything created or provided to you from any profession, you may ask Lyndiana if someone can craft it or check the in-game Guild Professions listings.

Bags: Bags are free to all guild members whenever they are available. If they are, whatever is in supply will be in the guild bank. You may withdraw however many you need (up to your daily limit) from whichever tabs are accessible to your character.

If you have a higher-level character and you would like to have Embersilk Bags made, you can send Lyndiana 15 Bolts of Embersilk (or 75 Embersilk Cloth) and she will craft them for you. You do not need to supply the Hypnotic Dust.

Glyphs: Glyphs are free to all guild members. We have a scribe who has every glyph and mats are supplied by the guild. Just send a list via in-game mail of what you would like to Lyndiana. It needs to be through in-game mail only.

Gear Enhancements: The third tab of the guild bank, labeled Guild Supplies, is stocked with enchants, gems, and and other item enhancements. All members ranked Member and up have access to one withdraw per day from this tab. This is designed to limit possible theft, but members may have more than one item from that tab. Either you may withdraw what you need over the course of a few days or ask an officer to grab something for you if you need it immediately. If you would like an enchant that is
not on a scroll in that tab, check with Lyndiana to see if we can supply it for you.
Enchants (using guild mats) are free to most guild members.

Gear: There are several epic items which are also in the Guild Supplies tab. Most of these are outdated to the point that they have little value, but if you are nearly finished leveling a character and would like to use any of that gear to help set you up for heroics, it is there to be used!

Things that are not free but are available to members:
There are a large number of other things in the guild bank that can be purchased by members at a reduced cost. And what you see in the guild bank is only a small portion of what the guild actually has in stock. There is a secondary guild bank with many more supplies. These include such things as Volatiles, Truegold, and crafting supplies. These mats may be sold to guild members at about half of the going Auction House rates. If you see something you would like to have, please ask Lyndiana and she will see how we can help you!

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